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H1Z1 - Whose getting it??
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Joined: 27th Dec 2013
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21st Apr 2014

Seems like the perfect mix of DayZ and Rust, with a much more complex crafting system and 1000+ player servers!!!! 

Also, the zombie's have "no scripted behavior" which means they can act and react different every time. Seems like the type of game I could park myself on for awhile!!
Joined: 24th Dec 2013
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22nd Apr 2014

maybe when i have money .. lol

Joined: 27th Dec 2013
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22nd Apr 2014

It's supposed to be Free to play, 20 bones for early access...however, the alpha seems much more stable then DayZ/Rust.
Joined: 27th Dec 2013
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14th May 2014 ... ameplay-possibility/

also visit -

the developers are VERY active on reddit and will be building the game around what the community wants. Early access is only a few short weeks away.
Joined: 31st Dec 2013
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15th May 2014

This guy is thats for sure

Joined: 29th Dec 2013
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18th Jun 2014

im getting it for sure man

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who wears short shorts?

Joined: 30th May 2014
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21st Jun 2014

Looks good mang

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Joined: 27th Dec 2013
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9th Jul 2014

Here is the official game "wiki"

I am going to paste some of the key features from the wiki that some of you had questions about:

Will there be seasons?

Weather in h1z1 plays a very important part of the game and changes the way you play the game. Every time the sun sets and comes back up again the server decides what kind of day it will be. Same with night it could be super-dark, full moon or plenty of stars etc. Current weather features have been stated as:

Temperature:  The idea is to make temperatur ... h is noticeable..... Smedley

In game store that give players an advantage? ... n_meeting_yesterday/

We'll have a Station Cash item locker so if you want to change your pants to shorts we'll let you. -  Source - John Smedley

If you buy something you can put it on any of your characters. We are not going to make you buy 2 of something just to put it on your other character -  Source - John Smedley

You won't be able to buy something that gives you an advantage in-game over someone who didn't spend any money.

Will there be in game Karma system to tell the bandits?

Currently the Core design of the game is to have a fully open world, accessible to everyone, and have everyone on an even playing field.
There are NO classes or archtypes in the game.
There are also no player skills, no experience to farm for, and no reputation/karma gains.

Forum » Public Topics » General Discussions
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