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The No Name Clan and TWL
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23rd Feb 2014

Can someone please get in touch with the No Name Clan? They still have NOT reported their loss. I'm pretty sure we need to have that reported in order to be challenged, right? So someone go kick their ass 

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23rd Feb 2014


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who wears short shorts?

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23rd Feb 2014

Reporting Match Results:
It is the Captain's responsibility to accurately report the match results in a timely manner. The Team Captain of the losing team MUST report the match results NO LATER THAN 1 HOUR after the completion of the match. Teams who fail to report match results accurately and in a timely manner will be punished in the following manner:

   1st Offense: Loss of 10 rungs and a TWL issued warning.

   2nd Offense: Loss of 25 rungs and a TWL issued warning.

   3rd Offense: Team is removed from the ladder.

NOTE: It is the winning team's responsibility to ensure that the match score is accurately reported and submitted in a timely manner. If the opposing team fails to report the match score, it is then the winning Team's responsibility to file a dispute indicating the losing team failed to report a loss. They must also be prepared to prove their case.

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24th Feb 2014

Let's get on this
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25th Feb 2014

Already handled....they reported it yesterday after I emailed them and the TWL Admin. We have already been challenged by Pt..I was giving them a day or 2 to report it. (was away for the weekend)
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