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Sovereign Forces Membership Application Guidelines
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23rd Oct 2014

When you submit a application to join Sovereign Forces there are a few things to follow that will help us and help your application process faster.

Register on our forums. This will help us stay in contact with you and allow the recruitment team to communicate to you directly via Private message. Feel free to browse our forums and to post this will further let us know you are serious about becoming a Sovereign Forces Member.

Be active in our Teamspeak server and in the game(s) that you play. If we don't know you your application will be put on hold until we get to know you. Being in our Teamspeak and chatting with us is a great way to interact with us.

Realize your Application will take about a month on average to go through our process of Recruitment.

During this time the more you get in Teamspeak with us and play ingame this will speed up the time it takes for you to go through our Recruitment. Please feel free to talk in Teamspeak or send a Private message to any of the Recruit Team members about any questions you might have. A list of the Recruit Team members can be found under the members tab at the top of the forums.

You will be going through three phases as a Recruit applicant starting at 1 and ending at 3.

Phase 1:
Is the part where we receive your application via a email form on our forums. The Recruit Team will then determine if the application is legitimate and contains enough correct information for us to proceed with a vote to goto Phase 2

Phase 2:
A member of the Recruit Team will attempt to give you an interview in Teamspeak to go over a few questions and guidelines we have on joining our Clan. After this interview the Recruit Team will be advised on the outcome of this interview and we will vote again to see if we will proceed you to Phase 3.

Phase 3:
This is the part we give you actual Recruit status. After you get a notice from a Sovereign Forces Recruitment Team member or General you will be given the actual Recruit Status. And will be advised on adding the =SFr= (lower case "r" stands for recruit) game tags to your game(s) and will be given Recruit rank in Teamspeak along with certain perks on our gaming servers. You will be observed on how you conduct yourself ingame and in Teamspeak after a set amount of time we will vote for your Full Membership after a review on how you have done during your Recruit Phase.

Upon a successful Membership vote you be giving a rank in the clan and will be a Sovereign Forces member and have access to the Clan only section of the forums and Admin rights on the game servers you play on. And other Member only privileges.

Application form here:

http://www.sovereign-forc ...

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Forum » Public Topics » =SF= Membership Application Guidelines and Details Locked
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